• General Description:

Peanuts are among the legumes and grains, but because of their high oil content,they are also classified as oil crops.

The peanut meal is made from peanut residues of oil treatment as animal feed and fertilizer for soil. The peanut meal is used in cattle feed by livestock breeders as protein supplements.

Peanut meal nutritional value is high,and it is of a sweet taste and taste,It is acceptable to smell white or grayish white,In general, peanut yield is characterized by a high percentage of digestible protein of high biological value.

  • Production:

Firstly,the peanuts are planting irrigated in the clay plains and in the sand dunes.

Then Peanut meals is produced as a by-product of oil and fat extraction processes.

  • Food value of peanuts firstly and peanut meal:

-Good sources of some important vitamins as:B1,B2.

-Sources of phosphorus.

-Proportion of protein is 16-28%.

-Some minerals

-Acids needed by the human body.

  • peanut meal contents and values:

-The crude protein content shall not be less than 40%.

-The moisture content shall not exceed 12%.

-The crude fat content shall not exceed 8%.

-The crude fiber shall not exceed 12%.

-The crude ash shall not exceed 7%.

-Free of rot, insects and strange substances.

  • Uses:

It mainly uses as an animal feed or a good cascade for soil.